Website Development

This website started out as a class project at Emporia State University for IS343, Web-Based Business Applications in the ESU School of Business in the Fall of 2008. The class met a few times with former ESU Professor and Habitat Member Mr. George Walters, who described the organization in Emporia and provided materials and guidance. Students sketched out site organization diagrams and designs of what it might look like and built some basic templates.

As the project developed, the question came up of what type of a website to make. Rather than a static site, Allen Walker (the instructor of the course and also a webmaster) chose to do things the hard way and steered the class to use WordPress. Not content to simply to use wordpress as intended, the instructor instead wanted to convert the platform into a basic content management system for an organization. This was uncharted territory for the class.

Developing on a new platform proved to be much more difficult than basic web design skills that the class had learned previously. But the students engaged in the challenge and started learning WordPress rapidly. Students designed the graphic banners, some HTML layouts and organized the content for this site. Mr. Walker provided technical guidance, and ultimately developed a custom template based on the student ideas and contributions.

Although the project took longer than originally planned, the students did a great job of thinking about colors, designing graphics, working through technical issues and designing the website even when the outcome was not clear. The overall project proved to be a great learning experience for everyone involved.

The student web team who contributed to this project are:

  • Dillon Adams
  • Renee Bruce
  • Joe Evans
  • Megan Graham
  • Juana Hernandez
  • Yanchuan Li
  • Austin Marcotte
  • Shawn Peters
  • Jing Wang
  • Ryan Young
  • Graham Fox

We hope you enjoy the site and support Habitat for Humanity!